Did you know?

I found these funfacts that are very relevant today, when so much content is found online, and so many businesses are trying to get through the crowds in the digital worlds we live in. Not everyone knows, or maybe thinks this through, so I want to share it with you. This is something I keep telling myself both when building pages and brands for customers, but also when building for myself.

We remember only 10 % of what we hear (voice,music). But then again, we remember entire 65 % of what we read or see (visuals) ! This makes it very important to:

1. Use good pictures and videos that catches you potensial customers. Its all about that few seconds of time the customer scrolls or looks your way. You need something that catch their eye and makes them want to look even further. Colours, fonts, something relevant for today, something fun, or maybe something very serious.. whatever goes with your brand style, use it! When you have their attention, go to step two

2. Write a text with a meaning - educate the customer of something they didnt know, or give them a answer to what may be their everyday-trouble, or tell them something very encouraging, that makes them read the entire text or even want to go further. Dont use too many words, you`ll loose them halfway! 

Use this few tips next time you post on Instagram or other social media. Think it through, keep it simple and clean, but very consist and trustworthy!